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Welcome to my site,

Here you can find information about my interests and hobies; Image galleries, my inventory information and my recommendations... 
I will be updating and extending the site as much as possible.

I have recognized that as I do not have a What's New page any more people do not visit the updated pages as the front page does not reflect the changes, from now on I will be publishing the update dates of the pages. Thanks for all inputs and suggestions.      

I have seen myself in Larry Leadhead, a wargamer who buys more than he can paint...emm or even build... Just he is way more richer than me having more pewter models. :-) Enjoy the cartoon, it will be updated frequently;

I have busy with acquiring new armies for sometime here are the developments;

1. I have restarted Imperial Guards with a rush; I have managed to acquire 2 Full Troop choices with an average HQ formation, some advisors (more than needed as always) and  6 Leman Russ Battle Tanks, which are reinforced with a Baneblade, 1 Basilisk, 3 Hellhounds and 2 Chimeras and some heavy troop platoons.
2. I have gathered a nice Battlefleet Gothic Imperial Fleet, mainly cruiser based with small escort force.
3. I have grown my brother Necron Army in numbers but still no Monoliths.
4. My Black Templars now have 3 Land Raider Crusaders and 1 Land Raider (which can be deployed as Land Raider Terminus Pattern with the magnetised weapon sponsons.
5. I have also started collecting Wizard Coasts Star Wars miniatures. I will be adding a section for them.

Things I am planning;
- Changing the site design with a database driven type to make updates easier.
- Add new sections for Necron, Imperial Guards, Battlefleet Gothic and Starwars Minis

  1. Flames of War
    1. My Flames of War Blog (NEW)
    2. "Road to Berlin" Campaign (NEW)
  2. Warhammer Fantasy  
    1. My Empire Army : "Jannisaries" 

    2. Starting an Empire Army   

    3. Warhammer Fantasy Photo Gallery   
    4. Warhammer Fantasy Battle Reports  
    5. Sample Empire Army List : 500pts 
    6. Sample Empire Army List : 1000pts  
    7. Sample Empire Army List : 2000pts  
    8. All Cavalry Empire Army List : 2000pts   
  3. Warhammer 40K  
    1. My Black Templars   
    2. Warhammer 40K Photo Gallery  
    3. Warhammer 40K Video Gallery updated   
    4. Sample Codex Chapter Space Marines Army List : 1500pts 
    5. Black Templars Army List - 1000pts Dreadnought Fun   
  4. Star Wars Miniature Wargaming
    1. My Star Wars Miniature Wargaming Blog (NEW)
  5. Warhammer Panzer Battles   
    1. Sample USA Army List (42/43) : 1000pts 
    2. Sample USA Army List (44/45) : 800pts 
    3. Sample Soviet Army List (42/43) : 1000pts   
    4. Warhammer Panzer Battles Photo Gallery  
  6. Warhammer Mordheim  
    1. Mordheim Index Page 
    2. My Original Warband; "The Sixth Patrol
    3. Battle Stories 
    4. Current Status  
    5. The Sixth Patrol Gallery 
    6. Mordheim Rules Download 
  7. HO Scale Trains    
    1. My Layout Plan 
    2. HO Scale Trains Photo Gallery 
    3. Model Railroading Video Gallery  updated     
  8. Scale Modelling  
    1. Scale Modelling Photo Gallery  updated        
    2. Scale Modelling Video Gallery   
  9. Diecast Collection  
    1. Diecast Collection Gallery 
  10. Links 


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*Agora; The public open space that formed the heart of ancient Greek cities and it's the origin of most western conceptions of public, or civil, space as center of for social interaction for ceremony and democratic life on a pedestrian scale.

12/28/2014 Today's Reading;
Huddled miserably on the back of the last two wagons were sixteen young men, the lance carriers and squires of the giant knights in shining plate armour who ringed the small convoy. The knights rode wide-chested Averland steeds, each dressed in embroidered caparisons and not one beast less than sixteen hands high. The armoured warriors wore the threat of their power like a cloak; a potent manifestation of the might of the Empire’s armies. They held their heavy lances proudly aloft, purple, gold and lilac pennons attached below the iron tips fluttering in the breeze. Grilled helmet visors obscured their faces, but there was no doubting the regal bearing of each and every knight. Damp panther pelts were draped across their shoulder guards and both the Imperial standard and Kaspar’s personal heraldry flapped noisily in the stiff breeze from a knight’s banner pole.
What you must know !
THE TECHNOLOGY IN THE AGE OF THE IMPERIUM ! Except on the occasions where a technical explanation or description was felt useful to an understanding of the rules, such explanations have generally been avoided. The book contains few descriptions of how specific items are used or function - it is enough within the context of the game that the item has the effects attributed to it. This has been a deliberate policy throughout the rules. The main reason for this is simply that the Age of the Imperium is not a technically inclined age, to have included descriptions of 'head-up dispays', 'computer links', etc, would have given the wtong impression entirely. This is an age where problems are solved by brute force and ignorance, where dangers are either too gross or too unthinkable to elicit any other response. The other reason why technical description has been avoided is that the Age of the Imperium lies more than forty thousand years in the future - at a stage in history when those head-up displays and computers are about as innovative as storte circles. What scientific knowledge persists from the Dark Age of Technology is far above and beyond anything we can imagine from the perspective of the Twentieth Century. That understanding lies only with a select few - the Adeptus Mechanicus - the Tech-priests of the Imperium. Even their knowledge is somewhat debased, and the popular image of technology can be compared with that of witchcraft in medieval times. Those who come into contact with technology use it with reservations and a reveicnce that are almost religious. The Space Marines, for example, treat their equipment and armour as if if were imbued with a will of its own - a fine chest-plate, well looked after and constandy maintained may reward its wearer by saving his fife; whereas a Marine who neglects his equipment may be struck down by a leaking suit or malfunctioning weapons. Such is the will of the Gods. While it is impossible to speculate with any certainty on the technical developments of the next forty millennia, it has obviously been necessary to make assumptions during the construction of this game. The greatest assumption has involved the creation of a broad history and a universe populated by a variety of dangers. The people of the far future are mentally very different from those of today - they have a way of looking at things in which twentieth century ideas of efficiency and morality are irrelevant. Their technology reflects both their past (an age of discovery and achievement) with their future (an age of danger and survival).